You know what sucks?
When you’re really, really hoping you’re not right about something, but then you find out that you were right.

Yeah, that really sucks.

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“My life philosophy is not to worry about what other people think and just be yourself.” - Birdy #LivedIn

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"Maybe we were meant to be great friends."
“What do you mean, what if our friendship escalates in the future?”

Lol hey tumblr I’m back for a quick rant. Two years ago I use to complain about Santa Ana because it is far away but now I get to say Santa fucking clarita!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh why must u be so far away!!!!!!!

I think it would be nice to be appreciated and compliment of how I look both online and in person. If would feel good to be wanted and notice one day.


Eleanor and Buster were perfect together. I’m so glad they found each other and I love her for helping him rebuild his career and giving him a happy ending.

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The man who tumbled into my life and changed the entire course of it for the better. 

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"And if there is sweeter music this side of heaven I haven’t heard it."

—Buster Keaton on the kind words and recognition of his fans. He passed away on this date in 1966.

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